Thrills and spills at Core Sokkie Joll

In Winterfest 2015 by Kev

Local favourite Tyron Coetzee takes out the win.

The third edition of the Core Sokkie Joll presented by Sector 9 went down in torrential conditions at the Die Vrieskas Blue Water Estate. After a day of epic action, Tyron Coetzee was not only the fastest, but the best men on the course. “It was very interesting coming up here yesterday to help out with the setup,” commented a stoked Tyron afterward. “It was dry and I was amped, but today was pouring with rain, so it was wet and slippery,” he said. “There were a lot of guys sliding out. It was really intense, so you really had to think about what you’re doing.”


The Sokkie Joll is a fun skateboarding event that combines downhill riding with obstacles (turns, berms and ramps). The day started with two-hours of practice runs for the riders to get used to the wet conditions. The weather couldn’t deter the enthusiasm and the riders attacked the course with gusto.

When the 43 entrants were thoroughly used to the course (and thoroughly soaked, many wearing black bags to keep them dry) the racing got underway with a time trial. From there the top 32 went into a man-on-man, elimination race format.

The ‘godfather’ of downhill racing in South Africa, Kent Lingeveldt, came up for the event from Cape Town. “Sure it’s dangerous in the wet, but only as dangerous as you make it,” he commented during the early runs. “It’s new tar here, so even though it’s wet, it’s slightly grippy so cats can still go fast. Obviously not as fast as if it were dry, but it’s controllable,”he said.

Lingeveldt, shapes custom skateboards out of a small workshop in lower Woodstock. “It’s good to be here, we can’t only just go to the hardcore downhill events, it’s nice to come to these fun events as well,” he said. “I came to J-Bay for that, and to see Kelly win the surf comp.”

There were some big spills in the warmup with the kids going gun-ho and riding into the corners together, but despite the conditions there were no serious injuries and everyone will be back for next sure.