SOME 15 years ago, the JBU Surf Club invited the other surf clubs in Jeffreys Bay to form the Supertubes Surfing Foundation to maintain the beaches and to protect the last remaining sand dunes along the Supertubes beachfront.In the early years, four tons of glass and piles of litter were removed from the beaches.Prior to the RDP houses being built in Tokyo Sexwale, approximately 3 000 aloes in that area were rescued and planted at Supertubes and the other beach breaks.Other plants were rescued and then replanted at Supers, Point, Lower Point, Main Beach, Jeffreys Bay Tourism Office, along Da Gama Road, Secrets and Magnatubes.

When bush sleepers started erecting their shacks in the natural coastal bush in the Supertubes Park, the Foundation raised funds to erect razor wire to protect the bush, the tiny duikers and the mongoose that live in there.

Flower beds were dug and the rescued plants planted therein. All of these plants, being indigenous, survived the serious drought of a couple of years ago and required no watering.

The Indigenous Plant Rescue Centre is situated in the Park and the Foundation’s operations take place from there.

The Point garden was started with plants rescued from what is now Die Opstal next to the Caltex garage.

The Supertubes Surfing Foundation has also been involved in community projects such as fixing up the toilets at one of the local schools, planting indigenous trees and plants in the school yard, starting veggie patches both at the school and with private households in Oceanview and is very involved with the JBay Recycling Project.

The Foundation has paved paths and dustbowl areas and made paths wheelchair friendly. It also developed the concept of the penguin recycling bins which are now a feature in the Park and has collected over 10 tons already. Smaller penguins will be placed at certain beach breaks.

Maintenance is now one of the huge tasks of the Foundation from mowing the lawn in the Supertubes Park, Point and Lower Point, maintenance of the various gardens and beach breaks to the upkeep of the boardwalks.

The Supertubes Surfing Foundation only does what it does because of the vision of those surfers 15 years ago, spearheaded by Koffie Jacobs.

The Foundation is also the driving force behind the JBay WinterFest, which takes place in the town from July 2-16 July

Future plans include a cycle track, more seating at Supertubes, creating a marine reserve, outdoor gym, setting up an education centre, upgrading of the toilets in the Park, moving the showers and the No Nuke at Thyspunt campaign is on going – among others.

Visit the Foundation’s stall in Pepper Street during the JBay Open and you can even show your support and buy some aloe seeds to take home with you.

Cant make it to our stall, you can still support the Supertubes Surfing Foundation by using the Paypal Donate button below.