Official Photographer Kody Mcgregor: pt 2

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Where we catch up with our official photographer and look back at some of his favourite photos from the last five years of JBay Winterfest

Kites: I really enjoyed the tranquility and playfulness of the kite display. Even more so when the big ones would come close to the ground, and you can truly see and appreciate how large they really are.

Mickfanning: There had been rumours that Mick had hurt his ankle and might not be able to surf. But in one of the first heats of the day, he paddle out and obliterated his way to victory (albeit with a taped up ankle)

Taxiviolence: There a few rock bands these days that can still put on a show with as much power and drive as Taxi Violence. Always a crowd favourite, I love watching them live and this was one of their best shows.

Trailrun: The turbines are still a relatively new landmark in the area, but to be able to get up close to them is amazing to see. With just the sound of your footsteps and their trance like whirring, it was one of my favourite moments from the trail runs.

Winnerwinnerchickendinner: After a sharky shaky ending to the previous years competition, it was really special to see Mick come back to jbay and dominate the event from start to finish. Watching him lift the trophy with current reigning world champ showering him in Corona, it was hard not to be stoked for him.