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JBay Winterfest and the Wavescape Festival present JBay Movie Nights at the JBAY OPEN CONTEST SITE at 5pm.

The Big Beach Screen will be the viewpoint, so come and hang at the bar or, picnic on the beach. Bring the whole family.

Tonight’s movies are:

  • Diamonds in the Desert – Donkey Bay – The film is weaved from water, drone, and beach footage to give you a complete view of a mad wave that must be the most mind-surfed wave in the surfing world.
  • Deep Islands – Deep into Indo, across the lush green and turquoise blue, with epic music, languid cinematic sequences and drone footage, you will seek symbiosis in the beauty of surfing. Set in a dreamy paradise of Sumatra, there is epic surfing and great music. Lekker little film.
  • No Country for Cold Men – A kneelo, a lid and a standup (that is surf slang for kneeboarder, bodyboarder and standup surfer in case you have been denied the delightful nuances of surfspeak) take a token ten-night surf trip with a twist. Lightly frosted in humour, they break free of the conflict between their ilk. However, is the notion of harmony so steeped in absurdity it will rend the fabric of surf society into scattered fragments? Ja, fully bru. Includes fleeting moments of vast snowbound beauty: a “modern day multi craft pilgrimage exploring the upper echelons of cool. And by cool I mean icy, bone-rattling cold”. One of several brrrr films we have this year! Epic music.
  • The Fisherman’s Son – Born and raised in Pichilemu, rugged Chilean big wave surfer Ramón Navarro has a heart of gold and a soul filled with passion for riding the biggest waves on the planet. But his accomplishments in giant surf – notably scaring the living daylights out of big wave riders in Hawaii when he survived a 40-foot monster to win the $10,000 Monster Drop Award at the Eddie in 2009 – are nothing next to his vision to save Chile from the rapacious thrust of corporate greed. He looks like a cowboy on a cattle farm on the Pampas of Chile, but he is more freedom fighter – or leader of the French resistance – to save earth, and the old ways of the coastal villages he holds dear. Unpretentious short documentary with a heart.
  • Deeper – an investigation of big wave surfing through the eyes of one of their athletes, the British big wave hero, Andrew Cotton. It’s a riveting yarn about surf forecasting and how giant northern hemisphere waves manifest along the European coast.