“Paint the sky with colour” is our motto for the JBay Winter Fest this year.  Once again we are gearing up for a dazzling display of all shapes and colours to fill the sky above the beach.

We are delighted to have world renown kite experts, the likes of Peter Binsbergen  (a top Quad liner) and many others, filling the sky with giant inflatables, flow forms, trains, facet kites, traditional Asian kites and many line fillers.

Peter will be twirling his magic with quad line revolution kites showing off his stunt flying. As far as some of the key inflatables go, we will be joined by a dinosaur named “Stinky”, various dragons, and of course our favourite piggy aptly named “Piggasus”. There will be plenty action for the kids of all ages, with our kiting team on hand to offer advice to the novice kiters and show them how to fly the smaller kites and bols. Don’t forget we will once again be doing the traditional “Sweety Drops”.

The display will be held from the 21st till 22nd July, at the lower point, on the beach heading towards Kabeljous surf.

Remember to stop in at Brian, who will be at the lower point market, selling kites, bols and other wonderful sky dancers, then head onto the beach and help us Paint the sky with colour.


Contact: SONYA  0780872806 or GREG 082 059 0070