Official Photographer Kody McGregor: Pt 4

In Featured, Latest News by Craig Jarvis

Our final in the four-part ‘official photographer’ series, where we examine Kody McGregor’s favourite images from six years of shooting the JBay Winterfest.

Desmondandthetutus: Always a crazy show, Desmond and the Tutus brought their catchy songs and performace art worthy dance moves to jbay. As crowd favourites, they always have a major presence on stage and did not disappoint the frothing crowd.


Fishing: This shot reminds of the dedication and commitment these fishermen bring to their art. With tons of patience standing out on the rocks all day, and the technical knowledge and experience to deal with the fish when they land it, I like how this shots encompasses all of those aspects in it.


Gabrielmedina: It was a really windy day but the sets were continuously grinding their way down the point. Gabriel Medina was in the water for his heat and found a wave that lined up nicely all the way to the inside. Here you can see him stalling for the barrel while the wind whips up all the spray around him.


Inthezone. I really like how this shot shows a moment of solitude. Away from the cheering crowds, about to paddle out for his heat, this surfer finds a moment of quiet to centre his thoughts and get in the zone for the heat ahead. The colours and slight silhouette help the image feel more solitary.


Trailrun: I love how the sun is just peaking out over the horizon as the runner pushes up the last bit of the hill. For me, this shots shows all the greatness in trail running: amazing scenery at a special time of day, with nobody else around.