Oakley Announce The #OneObsession Winner for Oakley X-Over

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A member of the public gains a much-coveted slot into the Oakley X-Over

The Oakley #OneObsession campaign was to find a member of the public worthy of joining the invited athletes for the 2015 Oakley X-Over.

The task was simple – post images of yourself in action, performing the three disciplines, tag them, and make an online noise.

Wihann Kotze, a 27-year-old from Plettenberg Bay, did just that, and is now a proud invitee into the Oakley X-Over.

So we tracked him down to see what makes him so special, and asked him the hard questions, just to check that he was the real deal. Turns out he is.

JBay Winterfest: So there are three disciplines. Which one is your best?

WK: Probably surfing, because I have been doing it the longest.

JBWF: Your worst?

WK: Definitely golf, because of the up-and-down nature of the game. Sometimes it goes well and other times it’s shocking.

JBWF: Where is your homebreak?

WK: I do most of my surfing at a break called The Wedge in Plett, but I do a lot of surfing in JBay as well.

JBWF: How long have you been surfing for?

WK: I have been surfing for 14 or 15 years.

JBWF: Best wave?

WK: My favorite wave has to be the beach-break at Cape St Francis. It’s a nice and hollow, fun beach-break.

JBWF: Which of the competitors do you admire the most?

WK: All the guys in the contest have achieved so many great things in their respective sports disciplines and lines of work that I cant choose just one athlete I admire. I have loads of respect for all the guys

JBWF: Do any of them intimidate you? Bob is a big guy…

WK: No, I’m not intimidated by any of the guys in the contest (laughs). But Soldier Boy is a gnarly dude, purely because he can knock your block off!

JBWF: He actually can. As the first member of the public to be allowed into the event, how do you feel?

WK: I feel very privileged and blessed that I got chosen to compete. I know that I annoyed a lot of people on Facebook and Twitter by entering the competition the whole time, but persistence paid off in the end. I’m crazy excited, and I cannot wait for it to kick off.

JBWF: So do you think you could win it?

WK: I entered to test myself against the best guys in the world, but I feel like I’m pretty well rounded in all the sports disciplines we’ll be competing in, to be close to the top of the podium.

JBWF: Do you have a training program?

WK: No not really. I just really enjoy all the sports I do. So if I’m not at work I’m in the water, on the golf course, or on my bicycle and I even manage to ride my motocross bike when I get a gap. Plett is the perfect place to do all these sports as we have two stunning golf courses, some of the best MTB trails in the country and, wildlife permitting, some pretty decent waves as well.

JBWF: Anything you want to say to the competitors?

WK: (laughs) The guys should bring their O-Game cause I’m bringing mine.

JBWF: Anything else you want to say?

WK: I can’t wait for the contest to start and looking forward to meeting and hanging out with all the guys. Lets give it!