JBay Winterfest Presented By Woodlands Dairy – Jordy Smith Eliminated From JBay Open

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JBay – After watching great waves all morning, it was decided to proceed with the quarterfinals of the JBay Open. The first quarterfinal matchup was between Jordy Smith from South Africa and Hawaiian surfer John John Florence.

The two surfers paddled out for their heat this morning and somewhat bizarrely, the waves grinded to a virtual halt. In fact, no waves were ridden in the first 15 minutes of the 35-minute heat, and the contest organisers were forced to restart the heat.

Eventually after a sudden flurry of waves at the end of their heat, the win changed hands a few times but it was eventually the popular Hawaiian surfer who got the nod over his South African counterpart.

“Stoked to make it through, that was a scary heat,” said John John after his heat, as the final scores were announced.

Jordy Smith was frustrated after the heat, but always upbeat and positive. “I’m just super bummed out right now,” said Jordy. “Still, that’s why we love surfing, for these kinds of reasons, you know. Hopefully I can get the bump on the next one.”

Video highlights of the heat here – www.youtube.com/watch

To see the surfers reactions to the results go here – www.youtube.com/watch

The JBay Open forms part of the Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour. The waiting period for the contest runs until Sunday 17 July, and there are only 6 heats left to run. For more information or for more video recaps, go to www.worldsurfleague.com

Jordy Smith in action ©Kody McGregor

Jordy Smith in action ©Kody McGregor

Oakley X Over Presented By Seartec

Next week sees the start of the Oakley X Over presented by Seartec, a multi-disciplined cross over challenge where top South African athletes from various sporting codes are invited to battle it out for the champion title.

It consists of a golf tournament, a mountain bike race and a surfing contest, and will take place on 13-14 July. It will form part of the JBay Winterfest, which is in full swing until 17 July in Jeffreys Bay and environs.

Entrants include John Smit, Jean De Villers, Ryan Sandes, Greg Minnaar, Garreth ‘Soldierboy’ McLellan and Bob Skinstad to name a few. Always a fun-filled event with plenty of action and rivalry, this challenge will kick off with the Golf tourney, followed by the MTB race on 13 July, and the surf event will take place at the Lower Point in Jeffreys Bay on 14 July.

There will be a prize giving and charity auction after this event, on Thursday 14 July at the Jolly Dolphin.

The Oakley X Over event hashtag is #XOVER16

The St Francis Links Golf Course © AerialMedia

The St Francis Links Golf Course © AerialMedia 

Cut Snake at the Winter MusicFest

Leading on from the Oakley X Over prize giving, the crazy duo of former professional surfers Leigh Sedley and Paul Fisher, otherwise known as Cut Snake, will be performing their popular tech house vibes at the Jolly Dolphin on the 14 July. This promises to be a massive night and one of the highlights of the Winter MusicFest. Contact Jolly Dolphin for tickets on 042 239 2624.

Cut Snake

Cut Snake


For more on the Winter MusicFest at the Jolly Dolphin –


Quiksilver JBay Junior Pro and the Roxy JBay Junior Pro  Magnatubes, 8-10 July.

All The Winners

Quiksilver JBay Junior Pro
Boys U18

1. Jordy Maree

2. Bevan Willis

3. Adin Masencamp

4. Luke Slijpen

Boys U16

1. Sebastian Williams

2. Angelo Faulkner

3. Luke Slijpen

4. Saxton Randall

Boys U14

1. Mitch Du Preez

2. Aya Gericke

3. Manoa Robb

4. Reilly Mare

Boys U12

1. Daniel Emslie

2. Christian Venter

3. Alex Townsend

4. Brad Scott

Roxy JBay Junior Pro
Girls U18

1. Crystal Hulett

2. Zoe McDougall

3. Kai Woolf

4. Danica Stockigt

Girls U16 

1. Zoe McDougal

2. Kai Woolf

3. Kirsty McGillivray

4. S’nenhlanhlana Makhubu

Girls U14

1. Gabi Lailvaux

2. Kayla Nogueira

3. Kelly Fenton

4. S’memhlanhlana Makhubu

The JBay Winterfest takes place from 6 – 17 July 2016. Other events include the JBayX extreme trail running event, the JBay Windfarm MTB Classic, the Fishing Skins Competition and PSG Catch A Nissan, the Kite Display as well as the Lumo Run and much more.

More details at www.jbaywinterfest.com

The JBay Winterfest is proudly presented by Woodlands Dairy.

Co-sponsors include Oakley, Kouga Municipality, RVCA, First Choice and Corona.

The event hash tag is #jbaywinterfest

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