Five reasons to Landie Greyling’s Trail Running Workshop

In Winterfest 2015 by Kev

Landie Greyling is South Africa’s finest female trail runner. She has been highly successful in both shorter races and ultra-endurance events, holding records on courses as varied as Red Bull LionHeart (4.4km up-and-down Lion’s Head route) and Salomon Skyrun, a 100-kilometre race over an unmarked route from Lady Grey to Wartrail Country Club in the remote north-Eastern Cape.

On Saturday 18 July, Landie will share her wealth of experience in a workshop at Impala Ranch, just outside JBay. Here’s what she will cover:

  1. Practical information on what to eat, drink & pack on medium to long runs
  2. Useful tips on how to prepare for your first ultra
  3. Practical guidelines on how to train for a stage-race
  4. The latest & greatest on gear that will rock your trail
  5. The best practice to prevent injuries

If you’re running the JBayX Trail Run ( this coming weekend (11 and 12 June) or are looking to get into trail running and perhaps target the 2016 event, this workshop is for you. Space is limited so enter now by sending an email to