Every year people flock to the JBay for the annual  Winterfest.  It’s a colourful mix of all walks of life and  ages.

As the Winterfest grows, so too does the fishing comp. Last year we established a hub at Kabeljouws that hosted the fishing skins comp. This year the hub hosts 2 days of fishing competitions.

Saturday 16th
7:30 am-12:30 pm

We have the annual fishing skins comp, where the biggest fish, of the hour wins R3500 cash. ( 5 skins total 17500 in cash). The Edible fish count 10 points and the non-edibles count 1 .The anglers are allowed 2 rods, the men can help cast for the ladies and the kids, however  the fish needs to be hooked and reeled in by the angler to be eligible for the prizes. With this exciting format any fish is a potential prize winner. We have had a good few lady anglers winning the cash skins in previous years, with fish as small as a 1.1 Blacktail!

Sunday 17th
7:30 am-12:30 pm

The PSG CATCH A NISSAN comp, is an exciting new addition to the line-up for the weekend. This comp follows a completely different format to the skins. This is an edible comp only and fish are measured.  All measurements will be rounded down ( eg 40.89 cm becomes 40cm) The winning fish will come from the following category: The target species are Dusky kob, White Musselcracker , white steenbras and  leervis.  The length of fish will be between 40cm and 90cm . Only 1 rod per angler. The anglers can cast for the ladies, however they must hook and land the fish themselves. The entrants must be over 18 with valid drivers are eligible to win the Nissan.

Once all the weigh cards are in, our sponsors PSG and NISSAN, will first draw a species out of the bag. A measurement  will then be drawn out of a second bag. This will be the fish that wins the Nissan.

1 ticket enters you into both events. Men R200, Ladies R150, and kids under 16, R50.

Apart from the main prizes of the R 17500 skins cash and the Nissan there will be other fantastic prizes and attendance giveaways.

The Fishing areas are the same for both days. There will be feathers demarcating the area from Kitchen windows to the gap at Kabeljouws.

We promote Catch and release, as a way to preserve our fishing stock and the future of angling as a sport. As part of this initiative, we will have marshals in lumo vests all along the area to measure and record the fish, in an effort to return them to the water asap.

The detailed rules are available on the face book page ‘Jbay Winterfest Skins Fishing Competition’ as well as the official Winterfest web page. The participants can purchase tickets at various tackle outlets and online. Check out the Facebook page for pictures, catch stats etc. from last years event.

For any further info or queries contact us on our Facebook page or email us at fishingoose@gmail.com.