Endurade JBay X Trail Run Series Results

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Endurade JBay X Trail Run Series

Endurade JBay X Trail Run Series was an exciting stage race, with three stages happening over two days. An ealy 7am start, followed by a 7pm start the same day, and finally a 7am start the second day to finish off the series. There was cold weather, tough and grueling, with sand, rain, wind and cold for all the stages. There were no short cuts out there on the trails.

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Series Results.

Series winner’s female.

  1. Tracey Campbell
  2. Kerry Ann Currie
  3. Arinda Pritchard

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Series winner’s male.

  1. Mvuyisi Gcogco
  2. Obey Mtetwa
  3. Mark Murray

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Full Series results and times here:



5km Trail Run Results

5km Trail Run winner’s female

  1. Ané Melville

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5 km Trail Run Winner’s male

  1. Kobus and Casper Strydom (tie)

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Full 5km Trail Run results and times here:


10 Km Trail Run Results:

10 Km Trail Run winner’s female.

  1. Beatie Groblet
  2. Fransa Oelofse
  3. Andrea Bakker

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10 km Trail Run male.

  1. Valentino Verwey
  2. Juan Cordier
  3. Michael Marais

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Full 10km Trail Run results here: https://www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=144096


20km Trail Run Results

20km Trail Run winner’s female

  1. Bonnie Currin
  2. Danel Steenkamp
  3. Estee Cockcroft

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20km Trail Run winner’s male

  1. Pieter Swanepoel
  2. Johnson Jumba
  3. Jurie Van Dyk

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Full 20 km Trail Run results here: