Calvin Goor And The JBU Supertrial presented by RVCA 2016

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Winning the Future Legends Coaching Series presented by the South African Surfing Legends up in Durban recently saw Calvin Goor win the coveted first slot into the event. It was an exciting moment when the results were released on the beach at New Pier, as a very stoked Calvin took the win.

Calvin Goor ©Flanagan

Calvin Goor ©Flanagan

After the exhilaration had calmed down a little, we got hold of Calvin to see what was going on in his head.

Hey Calvin. Tell us, how did you feel when you won the wildcard into the JBU Supertrial?

When I found out that I won the wildcard into the Supertrial I was extremely stoked. It was everything I could have ever dreamed of.

What, in your opinion, is the best thing about surfing an event at Supers?

There will only be three other guys out, at one of the best right-hand point-breaks in the world. That’s the best thing right there.

What board is your go-to board for good Supers.

My go-to board for cooking Supers is probably a 5,8 rounded pin Mayhem with FSC2.

Who is your favourite surfer at Supers?

My favourite surfer to watch out at Supers is probably Mick Fanning or Julian Wilson.

How much experience do you have at Supers?

I’ve never surfed a contest out at Supers but I’ve been surfing Supers since I was 12 so I know the break well and feel very comfortable out there.

How was the Future Legends Coaching Series for you?

The Future Legends Coaching Series really helped me to improve my skills and knowledge of the sport. There was a big learning curve, and I appreciated being involved.

What was the biggest thing you learned there with regards to competing?

I learnt all about the judging criteria because I didn’t know what the judges were fully looking for. I only had a vague idea. It was the biggest thing for me, getting to understand what the judges are looking for.

Do you have a pre-contest ritual?

I don’t really have a ritual as such. I like to listen to some rap music before I find it gets me very amped. The one thing in every heat that I always do is chew on a piece chewing gum. I find it calms me down.

What is your goal in surfing?

My goal in surfing is to definitely be on the world tour one day. I’ve got plenty of time so I’m not going to rush anything.