Steve Sawyer © Van Gysen

Behind the scenes at…The Local Contingent at the JBU Supertrial powered by Monster Energy

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As we get ready for the JBU Supertrial powered by Monster Energy, with all sorts of radical and at-times scary forecasts, let’s have a quick look at who is going to be representing from the local community at this event.

Dale Staples comes from St Francis Bay, but he’s close enough and in the water often enough at Supers for us to call him a part of the local contingent. Dale is experienced at Supers and knows the wave well. He is a seasoned competitor and knows what needs to be done to win heats at Supers. This natural-footer is fast and stylish and knows his way around the Supers barrel, which will hold him in good stead if it gets big and hollow out there. Dale has Big Match Temperament, and is a fit and determined surfer always looking for that big win.

Joshe Faulkner has risen to prominence over the years in South African competitive surfing circles, and all of his surfing experience comes from the years spent surfing the waves of JBay. Joshe will be surfing on his backhand at Supers, but he is confident and powerful on his backhand and is always looking for a big hook and a long tube ride. A successful competitor, Joshe always knows what the judges are looking for, and knows how to comply with the judging criteria when it is needed. Joshe is not the only goofy-footer in the local line-up.

Steve Sawyer surfs with his right foot forward and with his back to the wave at Supertubes, for some this might come across as a bit of a disadvantage on a wave as fast and serious as Supertubes, but it was actually an advantage last year. Steve found the best waves of the 2016 final, and performed a number of very impressive moves including tubes, hooks and floater en route to his victory and that wildcard slot into the Corona Open JBay. Steve is very determined to give it a good go again this year, and to enjoy uncrowded waves at Supers during the tournament.

Dylan Lightfoot is a former event champion and a World Qualifying Series campaigner who wants to qualify for the Championship Tour. He is an outstanding surfer at Supertubes and thrives when the waves get bigger and heavier. He likes nothing better than to paddle out and catch a few deep bomb barrels at Boneyards before heading down the point and ripping Supers. He is always pulling into the biggest barrels at Impossibles as well – sometimes making these impossible barrels.  Dylan is bound to make the final of this contest, and might even take home that coveted wildcard.

Matt McGillivray is going to be putting on a determined effort this year at the JBU Supertrial powered by Monster. He is also fighting hard on the World Qualifying Series, and to get a chance at a good run at Supers against the best surfers in the world. The experience is priceless, and there is a good prize pool as well, with the minimum prize money being $10k (R127k). Matt is powerful and experienced at Supers, and also loves it when it gets a bit bigger. He also has an incredible air game, so should the opportunities arise, he will be no doubt taking to the air. As it is however, it looks like bigger boards, big wave and loads of wind are all going to be present for the event.

Dylan Lightfoot © Van Gysen

Dylan Lightfoot © Van Gysen

Matt McGillivray © Van Gysen

Matt McGillivray © Van Gysen