Women's Open - JBay Loggers Classic

Behind the scenes at…The JBay Loggers Classic

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In a return to cool, the crew from Loggers Union will be hosting a loggers event at Lower Point during this year’s JBay Winterfest. Instead of the ripping and high speed surfing that is needed to win heats during standard surf contests, the logger classic will be more about retro surfing, old school longboard turns, and having fun while doing it.

Drop knee bottom turns, hanging five and hanging ten, and hanging around at the Lower Point for a fun-filled weekend of perfect waves, good food and some cool vibes. While it’s all about logging, there will be official entries and divisions, which are the Men’s Pro, Men’s Amateur and Women’s Open. There will also be live music both afternoons, and some of the bands that have been provisionally signed are good stuff. More information on the bands to follow.

JBay Loggers Classic

JBay Loggers Classic

This event is a welcome return to the soul side of surfing, and logging events are fun but spirited, with the whole family getting involved. Top loggers from around the Eastern Cape and some from further afield will converge at the Lower Point to join in the fun.

There will also be a logger’s interclub during the event, possibly a first ever in the country, when logger clubs from across the country will face-off with their best retro moves and stylish trims in their return to cool.