Ryan Anderson - Loggers Classic

An Interview With Ryan Anderson From Loggers Union

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With the inaugural JBay Loggers Classic approaching, we got hold of Mr Anderson to see what’s in store.

How did the idea of the Loggers Classic come about and how easy, or difficult, was it to pitch the idea to the JBay Winterfest organizers? 

I think for any logger, it’s a dream to surf the perfect Jbay Point with only three other guys out for 20 minutes. Discussion about an event began over a year ago between Koffie from the Jbay Winterfest and I. He was looking for a high caliber event to hold at the point that would fit into the overall feel of the JBay Winterfest, and we found ourselves talking the same language and things began to click into place. I think that we at Loggers Union have proven what we are able to produce great surfing & lifestyle events with the Cobbles Classic event being the icon of retro surf events in the country. It was just a case of translating this into something that fits the JBay Winterfest vibe.

What has been the biggest challenge with setting up the first one?

The biggest challenge for any first time event is to get the support of the people. Luckily we have a huge draw card in the wave itself. It’s also a great time of the year with the JBay Winterfest attracting many people from around the country. As an event director, you always stress about getting all the behind the scenes organising and details sorted out in time for the event. Luckily it has been a great build up working with the guys from the JBay Winterfest, so we are looking forward to an amazing weekend!

What has been the best moment in the making of the Loggers Classic so far?

The best moments are definitely still to come during the event. There’s nothing better than seeing a community of like minded, creative people come together and spend the weekend surfing, socialising, enjoying music, talking about surfboards etc. I think that this is what makes this community so great and has given the single fin surfing movement such momentum around the world. No matter what level you surf at, whether you’re a girl or boy, how old or young you are, it’s an inclusive vibe with many interesting characters.

How do you feel about the international entries so far?

We are very happy that a few international surfers are coming over to surf the event and we look forward to sharing some waves with them. We have the 2015 WSL Ladies Longboard surfing champion in Racheal Tilly joining us, as well as a few other international surfers from Hawaii, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands. I have no doubt that next years’ event will attract many more international surfers.

Who are the youngest and who are the oldest entries in the event?

We have contestants from the age of 13 up to the age of 70 competing in this years’ event. The beauty of the logging community is the vast age range of the people. It’s always going to be great when the older crew impart the wisdom that they have learned over many years in the water to the younger generations.

Lower Point must be one of the most perfect locations for a logger’s event.

Surfers Point in JBay must be one of the best long boarding waves in the world. The length of the wave allows you to do so many maneuvers on the wave and the perfect shape of the wave hitting the rock shelf provides a peeling wall for the ultimate nose riding. I think we are going to see some incredible surfing go down over the weekend.

What are your predictions for the 2017 event? 

We have the very best loggers in the country surfing this event so it’s difficult to say who will walk away with the titles. It’s probably best for people to come down and enjoy the action and see for themselves.